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Referred to henceforth as the Seller:

Mrs. Irina Samuolene
Belinskogo 28
347740 Zernograd, Rostov area
e-mail: irina@darkdiamond.ru

And :

Referred to henceforth as the Buyer:



Buyers cattery name , CFA reg. # cattery                "

Regarding Cat/Kitten:

Registration Number: CFA

Referred to henceforth as the Cat 

The Buyer Agrees To The Following Terms of Sale:

The Cats total purchase price is  

Buyer will pay the Breeder a nonrefundable deposit agreed upon requesting that a kitten be reserved for Buyer.

Once a deposit is placed to reserve a kitten, that kitten will not be sold to another buyer.

The balance of the purchase price is to be paid no later than 4 months after the deposit.

Registration papers are transferred upon receipt of the full payment for the Cat.

The kitten/cat is purchased with breeding rights and guaranteed as breeder. If the kitten/cat sold as Show Quality the Breeder guarantees successful show career when the kitten/cat is shown.

The Cat is fully vaccinated vet checked prior to leaving to the Buyers house. Veterinarian certificate will be provided.

The Cat may be returned to the Seller within 7 working days for a full refund only if a state licensed veterinarian finds that this cat is not in good health.

Absolutely no cash refunds after 7 working days.

If the male is not breeding by the age of three (3) years old, he will be replaced with a kitten of comparable quality when


If the male does not have two (2) descended testicles by the age of twelve (12) months (veterinarian certificate from a licensed

veterinarian must be provided), he will be replaced with a kitten of comparable quality when available.

The female kitten is guaranteed to produce a litter bred to a proven male.

If she has not produced a litter by the age of two (2) years, after being bred a minimum of three (3) times each to two different

proven males, a female kitten of comparable quality will be provided when available.

The breeder reserves the right to request the return of the female and to attempt a breeding to a male of her own before replacing

her. Any litter resulting from such a breeder remains the breeder's in its entirety.

If a cat is to be replaced, the Seller reserved the right to ask that it be returned intact to them.

If the Seller chooses not to take the cat back, it must be spayed prior to the Buyer receiving the replacement cat. The Seller must

receive verification of the spay.

The Buyer agrees to take a good care of the cat/kitten following Breeders recommendations for feeding, care, etc.

The Buyer agrees to provide immediate medical attention to the cat/kitten when needed.

The Buyer agrees not to leave the cat/kitten alone, without humane attention, for prolonged periods of time. 

If the male must be caged, the minimum dimensions of his quarters will be 1.5 meters by 1.5 meters by 2 meters high.

The males quarters must include a bed, a scratching post and at least two shelves to climb on.

At least once a day, the male will be allowed the freedom of at least one full room.

The male must receive individual playtime with a person on a daily basis.

Buyer agrees the female will be caged only when she is expecting or nursing kittens.

At least twice a day, the female will be allowed the freedom of at least one room.

The Buyer will let the female have her kittens in surroundings where she can get away from them when needed, but always can

get back in with them when she wants.

This female will not be forcibly weaned from her kittens before they are 8 weeks old minimum.

The Buyer agrees to breed the cat only to cats owned by him (her). No outside stud services will be provided.

Buyer agrees not to sell, lease, abandon or give this cat to any pet shop, research facility, animal shelter or similar facilities, for

either resale or test purposes.

The Cat can be resold to another owner only as a neuter or spay.

The Seller must be informed of any change of ownership.

The Cats must not be declared without written permission from the Seller.

Under no circumstances will the Buyer permit this cat/kitten to roam freely outdoors.

Buyer agrees to keep the cat/kitten clean, healthy, and free of parasite, free of stress and harassment and well nourished.

If this cat or kitten is found to be neglected or mistreated, Buyer will surrender said cat or kitten to seller unconditionally.

In case of a failure to comply with any provision of this contract Buyer shall be liable for any court costs and related charges

including attorney's fees associated with Seller enforcing the terms of this contract.

Any legal action which may arise under the terms of this contract will be brought in the city of Rostov -on-Don, RUSSIA.

Seller retains a security interest in this cat for purposes of enforcement of this agreement, and may enforce that interest without

judicial intervention.

Changes or additions to this agreement must be initialed by all parties.

This agreement is the entire agreement between the parties.

The cats mentioned can be used for the breeding ONLY into the cattery where he is sold. Concerning the male : no stud service is permitted out of the cattery. All the kittens must not be sold for breeding in Russia or other countries of the former USSR . Sale a kittens in  the countries Europe, Asia and America is authorized


Special agreements with the new owner :




Buyer's signature indicates full understanding and agreement of all the preceding terms and conditions of sale.

Date: ___________________________________________________________________________

Signature of Buyer: _________________________________________________________________________________

Signature of Seller: _________________________________________________________________________________